Saturday, January 28, 2012

I got bored today

Today, I was doing my homework (with a cat on my lap, of course) and I started thinking about flirting via text message. Sometimes it's a little hard to tell if the other person likes it or not...

So I made a scale.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Truth Behind My Dating Life

For the last few months I've grown somewhat weary of hearing the same thing over and over again from people whom I am acquainted with. I know that they have the best of intentions in their hearts and minds when they tell me things, but sometimes, the truth of the matter is so vastly different than their perception that it can be almost insulting. I rarely take offense to much, but there are a couple things that have been getting thrown at me for a while now, that I thought I would take a moment and think about (on my blog) and perhaps set the record straight on one of them. I'm nowhere near insulted by any of this; in fact, I'm highly amused with it. But I thought I would share a little of what goes on in my head when I hear people discuss certain aspects of my private life.

Okay, okay... I don't HAVE a private life. I am fairly open about everything. That's why I'm confused and amused with this topic.

I have recently been treated to commentary about what my "dating life" must be like. I've decided that perhaps I should try to clear this up as much as possible, as I don't really have ANYTHING in the way of a dating life. Yes, this is by choice, but my life isn't nearly as glamorous as people seem to think it is.

I've noticed that when people talk to me about what they think my dating life is like, they seem to think of me as something along the lines of this:

While I appreciate the fact that they think that I'm full of love and happy thoughts, the truth is more along the lines of:
I spend a lot of my time NOT dating. It's not that I don't like boys. I do. I have had two enormous crushes in the last year. Neither of which turned into anything. In fact, I'm not necessarily sure that either of them would even consider me "date-able". Upon discussion with some male friends of mine that are not interested in me in a romantic light, their first impressions of me were very close to:
They thought of me as quite sought after with boys throwing presents at me and me eating it up and really not wanting anything real in the romantic sphere. Unfortunately, that's not quite the case.

I think I mentioned that most of my younger years were spent with my nose in a book, eating entirely too much candy, and playing video games (such as Mortal Kombat) with my guy friends. I never dated, I had no idea how to interact with "normal" people, and I was actually, one of the least sought after girls in my school. I remember an excellent occurrence when I overheard my name mentioned in a group of boys and the response was, "Ewww! Gross!" Thanks guys... HAHAHA!!!

The two men I've had ENORMOUS crushes on since my last "real" relationship were both the types that I normally would have lusted after when I was younger. They're crazy smart, they're somewhat quiet, and fairly reserved. This of course is incredibly alluring to me and causes me to pine after them. A week or so ago, I was asked why I like the stoic, disinterested type. My response was that there seems to be more going on there. Mainly because I don't know what they're thinking and it's fascinating to me. I love nerds. Crazy smart, tall(ish), stoic NERDS. Bonus points if they don't know I exist. In fact, my dream men probably wouldn't notice if I tore all my clothes off, lay in front of them, and asked them to take me right then. This is quite different from the men I have ended up in relationships with who are generally the ones that pursued me for a long period of time until I decided they must like me, right? 

Yeah... I've talked about how well that's worked out before.

So.... in response to the discussions I've had over the last few weeks about men and my dating, I took the time to create a realistic depiction of what my dating life REALLY is like.